Service Guide

Please consult our estheticians for treatments that best suit you
All services by appointment only




Hydro Treatment

For dehydrated skin. Ampoule product and facial massage
moisturizes skin, vitalizes blood flow and reduces pore sizes.
75 mins 

Brightening Treatment

Vitamin-C is effective in reducing hyperpigmentation and detoxifies
by removing dead skin cells, helping skin look brighter and healthier.
75 mins

Abs Care | Breast Care

40 mins

Back Care

60 mins


Professional CARE

Facial Acupressure

Anti-aging & wrinkle-lifting program helping face look healthy and
balanced. Rejuvenated facial skin cells and vitalized blood flow.
90 mins

Acne Treatment

Clearing and/or preventing acnes, blackheads, whiteheads,
pimples and light scars for a smoother and fairer face.
90 mins

Vitamin-C Treatment

Intense version of Brightening Treatment, leveling up on the amount of
Vitamin-C applied and increasing effectiveness by using finer devices.
90 mins

V-line Treatment

Focusing on slender jawline while lifting wrinkles off the face.
90 mins

Gold Therapy

24k gold detoxes and permeates metal salt for skin longevity.
90 mins 


Special CARE

Wedding Care

Package arranged for the special bridge & groom. Prepare for the wedding day by moisturizing and brightening the skin. Your skin will have been prepared perfectly to absorb makeup and be picture-ready on the special day.
90 mins

Maternity Care

Special package prepared for mother wanting to return her skin to its resilient form before delivery. Childbirth is a wonderful but laborious process, and cautious care soon after delivery is needed to bring back pre-pregnancy conditions.
90 mins

Stem-Cell Therapy

Anti-aging care that increases overall collagen levels, reduces pore size, lightens facial scars, and effectively lifts wrinkles, especially the nasolabial folds.
90 mins

Wrinkle-lifting Treatment

Chitosil-based treatment. Non-invasive & bio-absorbed thread melted in peptide solution that is applied to eliminate wrinkles.
100 mins



  • Oxygen Peel: Vitamin and oxygen combination for brightening

  • Watercos Peel: Water and natural elements for the sensitive skin

  • Enzyme Peel: Vegetable-based enzymes to cleanse deep keratin

  • Apple Peel: Malic acid and Vitamin to wipe keratin off face

  • Pumpkin Peel: Nutrient concentrations to rejuvenate face quickly

90 mins     


Semi-permanent Makeup

  • Eyebrow

  • Eyeliner

Eyelash Extension

All fills must be within 3 weeks. Fills within 2 weeks are 50% off.

  • Silk full set

  • Mink full set

  • Flat full set

  • Removals